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About Us

Superior Style Karate Association Pakistan (SSK) is a professional training Dojo since 2010 in Lahore that is controlled by Sensei Muhammad Adrees (2nd Dan Black Belt England) and operates under rules and regulations. In the beginning in between 1996 to 2009 it was working with Amature Martial Arts (AMA Paskistan).

Superior Style Karate Association Pakistan (SSK) offers a safe, happy and encouraging environment where your children will learn self defence, become “stranger aware” and learn how to deal with other kids at school, including bullies, as well as developing personal discipline and confidence while getting active, having fun and making new friends.

Shotokan karate School is dynamic suit for everyone, specially focus on women self defense and awareness programs. We never focus on ONE thing but make sure the classes are well rounded, incorporating games, fitness activities, self defense skills and basic techniques.



• Bronze Medalist in “12th WUKF European Karate Champions” Cup Cluj-Napoca, Romania, December 2021
• Bronze Medalist in “International Karate Championship”, Sheffield UK, 2020
• Gold Medalist in “JKA Karate Championship”, UAE 2018
• Gold Medal in Kata in “4th Inter-School & Inter College Games”, Lahore, 2011
• 1st Position in “5th National Open Karate Championship”, Multan, 2018
• Best Performance Award from “Shotokan Karate Dojo” Dipalpur 2018
• 1st Position in “Karate Player Punjab Shotokan Karate Championship”, Sargodha, 2016
• 1st Position in “24th Punjab Karate Championship”, Faisalabad, 2016
• 1st Position in Kata in “22nd National Tenshinkan Karate Championship”, Gujrat, 2014
• 1st Position in “Punjab Youth Festival”, Gujranwala, 2012
• 1st Position in “1st Punjab Shotokan Karate Champion Trophy”, 2009


• Referring in “Karate England International Open Championship 2022” at Harlow Leisure Zone, Second Ave, Harlow CM20 3DT
• Chief Referee in “Shotoreu Kata Championship”, Islamabad, 2021
• Referring in “Inter District AMA Punjab Karate Championship”, Gujranwala, 2018
• Referring in “National Shotokan Karate Ranking Tournament”, Islamabad, 2017
• Coaching in “Punjab Youth Festival”, Gujranwala, 2014
• Referring in “Punjab Games”, 2013
• Referring in “1st Inter School and Inter College Games”, 2008
• Referring in “All Punjab Karate Ranking Championship”, Sahiwal, 2006


• 3 days “International Training Course” from Emirates Karate Centre Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2017
• 10 days “JKA Training Course Shotokan karate Dojo Pakistan”, Headquarter Shotokan Karate Dojo, Lahore, 2021
• 10 days “Self Defense Training Course” Abu Dhabi, UAE 2018
• 5 days “WUKF Referring Course” AMA Pakistan, Lahore, 2017
• 1 day in “Punjab Karate Referee / Judges Course” Sahiwal, 2013
• 2 days “JKA National Karate Training Camp & Seminar”, Lahore, 2017
• 1 day "National JKA Karate Training Camp" Children Complex, Lahore, 2010
• Participated as Honorary Instructor “Basic Self Protection Course” Police Line, Lahore, 2009
• 3 Days “Kata and Kumite Training Camp” at Lahore Grammar School, Samanabad Lahore 2021
• 2 Days “WUKF Referees and Judges Awareness Course”, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore, 21st to 22nd, 2021

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